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You want reliable, scalable growth. And you want to know precisely how your marketing efforts are driving that growth. We’re the marketing + analytics agency you need to measure, optimize and manage your digital initiatives.

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If you had an extra $10K in your marketing budget next month, would you know exactly where to spend it...and why? Well, if your focus is on making sure each of your marketing dollars is working as hard as possible, then we’re the right agency for you.

We have solutions and packages to take your business up a level — whether you need help determining what website data you should be measuring, or you need a partner to help with business intelligence and data visualization.

You need a team that specializes in data and analytics. A team that wants to dig, push and prod to understand the inner-workings of your business. You need Anvil.


Not all growth is created equal. You can achieve smarter growth through marketing optimization, but it requires a high level of analytics and data expertise. Many businesses don’t have this capability in-house. That’s where we come in. Optimization is our specialty, and our team has years of experience optimizing websites, digital campaigns and decision-making processes.

We follow three key steps on each client project:

Step 1: Measurement Plan

An essential first step to growth is developing a baseline to measure your progress against. Our team of analysts and strategists will dig in to understand your business goals and how they relate to marketing initiatives. Then we’ll put a measurement plan in place to make sure you’re able to tie all your digital growth efforts back to those goals, from the first click to revenue.

  • Google Analytics Measurement Planning
  • Custom Website Analytics Tracking
  • Reporting and Dashboard Creation and Design
  • ETL and Reporting Data Storage
  • BI Design, Setup, and Ongoing Technical Support
  • Machine Learning and Automation
Step 2: Growth Strategy

Once your measurement plan is in place and your tracking is validated, it’s time to pave the most logical path to growth. To accomplish this, we will analyze the performance of your past marketing activities, your competitors, the systems that power your business, and your current customer journey. You will receive growth strategy recommendations based on your data, with clear insights into the value of each component. Plus, moving forward, you will have access to monthly performance reports that will provide actionable feedback on campaign performance.

  • Due Diligence and Marketplace Assessments
  • Marketing Technology Stack Audit and Recommendations
  • Paid Media Campaign Setup and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • Amazon Ad Management
  • Website Design and Development
  • Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
Step 3: Ongoing Growth Management

As it grows, your business will evolve. Ongoing growth management will ensure your progress is sustainable and consistent as you scale. With continuous optimizations to campaigns, landing pages and websites, you’ll see steady improvements to your conversion rate, cost per lead and customer lifetime value. By leaning on our expertise, you can maximize growth opportunities month over month and year over year.

  • Website Hypothesis Testing (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Marketing Campaign Optimization

Finally, we know a lot of teams need to build their internal expertise around marketing analytics. We offer free virtual workshops for anyone who wants to learn more about the technical side of tracking, reporting, testing and other relevant aspects of digital marketing. We also host a full-day annual conference for marketing professionals who want to leverage analytics and data to drive their marketing decisions.

We were named the #1 Fastest-Growing Company in St. Louis for a reason

If you’re interested in measuring and optimizing your marketing campaigns, but you lack the internal expertise or resources to do so, we’re a great match. Our cross-functional team of strategists, data analysts, project managers, designers and developers has the knowledge, collective experience and unending curiosity to help you solve the messy problems that are inhibiting growth within your organization.

Learn more about some of the specific solutions we offer clients:

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