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Case Study: Helping a Midwest Law Firm understand Paid Media ROI

By jenny
February 07, 2020
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A large Midwest law firm was spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on paid media to test the channel’s efficacy as a case driver, but they were gaining little insight into the actual value that these marketing efforts provided. The firm invested in paid media to drive users to a website where the user submitted their contact information, however, there was no way to tie the user back to a specific marketing tactic. As a result, it wasn’t clear if paid media traffic represented qualified leads or if those leads were turning into signed cases. To put it simply, the firm didn’t know the ROI for their paid media campaigns.

The decision-makers at the law firm had a feeling that much of their paid media spend wasn’t providing value. In actuality, they didn’t know the true value of their leads, so they couldn’t accurately assess the value of paid media. And on top of that, they couldn’t optimize their campaigns and leverage their data to drive more cases.


We’ve seen many clients in a similar situation. Maybe you’ve been there. You know you spent thousands of dollars on Google Ads last month. You also know you got a good number of clicks on your ads and a fair number of form submissions. But you have no idea if these submissions are leading to cases/closed deals (i.e., the metric that affects your bottom line). What’s more, you don’t know about prospects that might have come from phone calls or live chats. So as great as it is to know how many form submissions you received, you are missing a big part of the picture.

Our solution for the law firm was to fully integrate all the data from Google Ads, Google Analytics, phone call tracking, live chat, web form submissions, and the client's case database into a single dashboard. It was a big transition from basic web analytics to more advanced business intelligence. This way, we could track leads all the way from an ad click to a signed case and even allocate the appropriate revenue. 

To accomplish this, we overhauled the client’s website, so web tracking would be able to attribute phone calls and live chats back to paid media campaigns. We also created keys to connect our paid media (down to the keyword) to the client’s case management system. Then we created a dashboard to process all of the data in a single place. The dashboard shows how much money the firm spends on paid media each month, how many leads the campaigns generate, plus how many signed cases come from those campaigns.

In addition, once we could see the exact cases coming in from the campaigns, we were able to calculate the average value of a single case and estimate how much each case was worth to the law firm. Now we can compare our actual spend with the estimated value of the cases we generate from paid media. In other words, we can now show our client the month-to-month ROI for their paid media campaigns. 


With our deeper insights, we can:

  • Calculate ROI and determine the value of paid media over time
  • Identify what keywords drive the best cases and how much value those cases generate
  • Identify keywords we should stop bidding on, despite how many leads they were generating, if those leads weren’t turning into profitable cases
  • Feed leads back into Google Ads, so we can continually optimize campaigns moving forward

If you’re unsure about the ROI of your digital marketing efforts, give us a call. We’d love to help empower your team to start making data-driven decisions. 

About the Author
Jenny Bristow is the CEO and Co-Founder of Anvil, a digital + analytics agency in St. Louis, Missouri. Anvil focuses on creating data-driven digital strategies that help clients develop scalable, measurable digital marketing programs for clients in the healthcare, education and manufacturing space. Prior to starting Anvil, Jenny launched, grew and sold a digital agency in Seattle, Washington and worked at She was named one of St. Louis Business Journal’s 30 under 30, won a Stevie Award for Female Entrepreneur of the Year in 2018 and speaks regularly at industry and local events.
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