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Creative Anvil is Now Anvil Analytics + Insights

By elise
March 14, 2019
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Growth is often one of the greatest catalysts for evolution. We know this firsthand because our team has been working through its own evolution for the past few years. In that time, we’ve grown from 5 employees to a team of 35, increased our client roster, and expanded (and refined) our core service offerings. It’s truly been an exciting journey to this point.

Today, though, we get to embark on the most exciting part of all. Today we officially reveal ourselves as Anvil Analytics + Insights.

But how did we get here?

Our Evolution

Creative Anvil started as a full-service shop, offering branding and a variety of design services, as well as digital marketing strategy and analytics services.

As our focus continued to evolve, it became clear that we were way more than just a creative agency. It’s true that we have a kick-ass team that crafts creative solutions for our clients. But we want to be sure that our name doesn’t create any confusion around our ability to solve the complex, messy problems that our clients face. We wanted a name that clearly communicates the high-level analytics work we’re known for. After much consideration (and even more caffeinated beverages), we landed on Anvil Analytics and Insights.

Our New Name

As we re-examined our identity, we realized that the anvil was still an ideal symbol of our agency’s beliefs and culture - one that we didn’t want to let go. As the heart of the workshop, the anvil represents the inclusive workplace that we pride ourselves on. The anvil is also a solid foundation and represents how we have built ourselves around the idea of using data as our “source of truth.” Just like the anvil is an immovable object, we rely on data because data doesn’t lie.

Our New Look

We also have an awesome new logo and an updated look that is representative of our agency’s passion and promise. We went with a shorter and heavy-weighted typeface to represent our foundational strength from data and used lower-case letters to represent friendliness and empathy. The subtle profile of an anvil hidden in the letter ‘i’ is also utilized in our icon.

In addition to the new logo, we’ve also updated our color palette. Our color palette remains fun and inclusive with richer colors, providing a more refined look and feel.

Anvil Analytics and Insights logos and color palette

In the end, we wanted an updated identity to reflect our agency’s evolution and growth, commitment to data, and extraordinary work ethic. We got just that.

About the Author
Elise is a Senior Digital Campaign Manager at Anvil. She’s an expert at crafting complex digital strategies. With nearly 12 years of digital marketing experience, she’s passionate about sharing her extensive knowledge. When not collaborating with the Anvil team, Elise is a fan of theater, poetry, and okay, yeah, also reality TV.
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