Nurse Recruitment Strategy Boosts Nationwide Hospital System’s Candidate Inquiries by 67%
The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, and the demand for nurses is high. In fact, healthcare will grow faster than any other major industry sector, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Registered Nurses represent the largest occupation within healthcare. So it’s no surprise that competition is fierce among healthcare providers looking to recruit Registered Nurses (RNs).
Recognizing the importance of attracting and recruiting top talent, a major national healthcare network approached us in 2018 for help with growing their talent network, starting with RNs. Before we partnered with the network, their recruitment efforts were divided into many different regional initiatives at various sites of care across the country. Our client wanted to develop a unified, nationwide recruitment strategy, one that could fill a deep talent pool of RNs to recruit from.

The partnership with the healthcare network consisted of the design and development of a custom landing page, paid media campaign setup and management, ongoing landing page support and a bucket of training hours to help the team feel prepared to take all previously mentioned efforts in-house. Based on the results we were able to get, the client extended the relationship and doubled the length of their initial engagement.
Our first step was to create a single landing page that we could drive all our client’s recruitment candidates to. From the unified landing page, candidates would be routed to the appropriate, regional recruitment contact.
The landing page we created included a comprehensive digital measurement system. Plus, we integrated measurement data from the landing page with data from our client’s application tracking system. This way, our client could follow a candidate’s entire recruitment journey, from first-touch to successful hire.
We also helped our client conduct a considerable amount of conversion rate optimization (CRO) testing on the landing page and on their paid media campaigns. For example, in one set of tests, we wanted to understand the effect of national versus regional branding on recruitment. Through our testing, we discovered that campaigns were more successful when we continued to include regional branding in certain ads targeted by location.
Before we came on board, our client’s cost per candidate inquiry was $252. We were able to decrease the cost per candidate inquiry to under $82 — a decrease of approximately 67%. On top of that, we ran extensive ad copy testing to help the client develop a messaging matrix for use in future campaigns.
Cost Per Candidate
Down Arrow67%
Cost Before
Cost After
We ran a variety of tests across the page to understand the impact of regional branding, call-to-action language, and presentation of information to help the client successfully navigate the transition into their national careers website, which previously existed only on different sites, with inconsistent messaging. The new careers site (which we developed the site architecture and design for) has had an extremely positive impact on our client’s recruitment marketing efforts, offering a simple place to spin up new campaign efforts to recruit for a variety of positions across the organization.


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