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How to Add a Navigation Menu to a Data Studio Report

By Jessica
September 09, 2020

Your Data Studio reports will likely be packed full of information for a variety of different users. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that you give users a way to sort through the various pages so they can quickly find the data points they are looking for. In this tutorial, we will show you how to add Data Studio's navigation menu to your report so users can easily jump from page to page as they navigate the dashboard more like a website than a book.

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Hello, today I wanted to talk about how to add a navigation bar and navigation menu to your Google Data Studio dashboards, so you’re likely going to have all different users who have different goals and objectives for looking at your dashboard and we want to make sure that they can easily find the page that they need to achieve whatever goal they have for looking at the dashboard, so to do that we’re going to come over here to layout we’re gonna choose the navigation position as left and then when we come over here to view we have a nice menu over here that makes it super easy for the users to flip back and forth between pages and it makes it really easy for them to identify which page they need to find the metrics that they’re looking for, so if you found this helpful make sure you go down to the bottom and give us a like and then we will continue to push out updates on all of the how-to videos that we’re going to be creating on Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, Tag Manager and even BigQuery through our newsletter so make sure you go to our site and subscribe for that.

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