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How to Get Started with Google Analytics

By Jessica
August 25, 2020

Google Analytics is a free web analytics platform that will help you better understand your website and digital marketing efforts. With Google Analytics, you can plan and budget more effectively to reach your business goals. In this 5-minute crash course, you'll get an overview of how to install Google Analytics, what data you will have access to, and everything you need to know to get started.

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Hello, I’m coming to you today from Anvil Analytics and Insights, and today I wanted to talk about getting started with Google Analytics. So for starters, Google Analytics is a web analytics platform, so what it allows you to do is to see how many people are coming to your website. It allows you to see what they do, what they are doing on your site, are they, what pages are they viewing? With more customizations you can even add in things like, are they filling out forms? Are they clicking your call to actions? You can set up ecommerce so you if you have an ecommerce site you can see how many people are going through the purchasing funnel on your site. It also allows you to see where these people are coming from, so are your Google Ads working, or is it all organic traffic that you’re generating through Google search, how are people getting there? That’s gonna allow you to determine how you want to spend your marketing budget and the places that you can optimize that budget so you get a greater return on investment. So it’s an incredibly powerful tool that a lot of people are using, not to mention it’s free for most companies, so unless you’re receiving 10 million hits or more per month which a hit could be any page view that people are seeing on your site or any of those custom events that I mentioned earlier, like tracking forms or call-to-action buttons, as long as you’re not getting more than 10 million of those per month which a lot of companies aren’t, the free version is perfectly fine for you guys. So the next question that we get asked is how do we go about setting Google Analytics up? So the first thing that you are going to need to do is come down here, once you’ve created your Google Analytics account you’re gonna want to go into your property settings, so, or even into this tracking info, here you can see the tracking code now you can add this script, follow the directions and add this script to your site hard-coded in, however we would definitely recommend pairing Google Analytics with Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics gives you directions for how to implement it through Google Tag Manager, and this is definitely our preferred method here, so Google Tag Manager looks something like this, once again you can come in here and we have videos for this, but it will tell you exactly where to go to implement that piece of code for Google Tag Manager on your site, from there you can deploy all those other tags in Google Tag Manager, you can create events through Google Tag Manager all of that good stuff, so once you’ve got that script on your site whether you hard code it or whether you put it, add it through Google Tag Manager, the next thing that you’re gonna want to do is come up here and adjust some of these property settings so they match your site, it’s gonna be a little different for all sites because all sites are different but you want to make sure that these are properly adjusted for your site, then you’re gonna come over, you’re gonna set up probably three views, we recommend three views for a lot of our clients: an unfiltered, a reporting, and a testing view, from there each one of those views you’re gonna want to adjust your settings once again to make it customizable for your site, so you’re really understanding what you’re getting, from there you can go in you can add some of these filters, all these different things, once you have it set up you can navigate to all of these different reports and view some of the metrics that I was talking about earlier, so how many people are coming to your site, are they coming on mobile devices are they coming on a desktop device where are they coming from, in this acquisition report we want to know that and then even down here in behavior we can see the different events that they are taking, so are they clicking our CTAs are they clicking some of these outbound links on our site, Google Analytics is going to tell you that, it’s going to tell you how to optimize your site and based on the reports and the analyses that you can conduct from Google Analytics you will be able to drive higher ROIs and more conversions and ultimately sales for your site, so I hope this was helpful as just a brief overview of what the tool can provide, we will be providing tips and tricks on how to set Google Analytics up, how did set Tag Manager up and then what do you do with that data, we put it in new Google Data Studio to help us analyze it, we give tips on all of these platforms, so subscribe to our newsletter, we’ll continue pushing these out each week and if you found this helpful, once again hit the little like button at the bottom.

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Jessica joined the Anvil team after earning her degree in Marketing. She really enjoys getting to work on something different every day in her role, whether that’s helping with a Facebook project or solving an issue in Google Analytics. Her problem-solving prowess extends beyond work, too—she loves games and is her family’s pinochle champ.
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