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Generate predictable, measurable, and (yes) scalable digital growth

You’ve run campaign after campaign, usually guessing on the results and hoping you can continue to get budget for your marketing initiatives. Even though your revenue growth is positive, your CFO is constantly pushing you to justify your marketing expenses, but you can’t say with 100% confidence which part of your strategy is generating results.

You need a change. You need the growth optimization agency both you and your CFO will love.

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Ready to develop a data-driven marketing strategy? Anvil is the partner you need.
We're the digital agency your CFO will love

If you were given an additional $10K in marketing budget to spend next month, would you know where to put the funds? You can hire any digital marketing agency to get help with running paid media campaigns, executing content strategy and other basic tactics. But if your focus is on making sure your marketing dollars are working as hard as possible, we're the right agency.

Whether you're at the stage where you aren't sure what you should be measuring to know if your marketing is effective, or if you're more advanced and need a partner to help with Business Intelligence visualization or machine learning, we have packages and processes to take you to the next level. You need a team that specializes in data and analytics and wants to dig, push, and prod to understand the inner-workings of your business and how you can position yourself for growth.

You don't need just any digital agency. You need Anvil.


True marketing optimization requires a large amount of analytics and data expertise. Optimization is our thing, and our team has spent years perfecting the art and science of transforming businesses into high-growth organizations that are happy and profitable.

We follow a few key steps on every client project:

Step 1: Measurement Plan + Auditing

An important first step to growth is developing a baseline to measure future progress against. This step is all about sifting through your data to ensure current marketing initiatives are being tracked correctly and any growth is measured, smart, and provable. Our team of analysts and strategists will dig in and ask the hard questions to understand your business goals and how they relate to marketing initiatives. Then we’ll put a plan in place to make sure you’re able to tie all of your digital growth efforts back to those goals, from first click to revenue.

  • Google Analytics Measurement Planning
  • Custom Website Analytics Tracking
  • Reporting and Dashboard Creation and Design
  • ETL and Reporting Data Storage
  • BI Design, Setup, and Ongoing Technical Support
  • Machine Learning and Automation
Step 2: Growth Strategy + Implementation

Once we have confirmed that all initiatives are being tracked correctly, it’s time to pave the most logical path to growth. To do this, we must dig into the performance of your past marketing activities, your competitors, the systems that power your business and your current customer journey. Our final strategy will be based on data and provide clear insight to the value of each component of our recommendation. The monthly performance reports will also provide more measurement of campaign performance than you’ve been able to achieve to date, finally unlocking the ability to truly optimize your campaigns to drive aggressive growth.

  • Due Diligence and Marketplace Assessments
  • Marketing Technology Stack Audit and Recommendations
  • Paid Media Campaign Setup and Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • YouTube Channel Optimization
  • Amazon Ad Management
  • Website Design and Development
  • Email Marketing and Marketing Automation
Step 3: Ongoing Growth Management + Optimization

Once the growth strategy has been put in place, it’s time to keep raising the bar. Ongoing optimization of campaigns and websites or landing pages will result in sustained improvements to your conversion rate, cost per lead, customer lifetime value, etc. Ongoing competitor analysis will ensure you always stay one step ahead. This step is actually never finished because there is always room to tweak and improve so that we can continue to maximize our growth opportunities, month over month and year over year.

  • Website Hypothesis Testing (Conversion Rate Optimization)
  • Marketing Campaign Optimization

Finally, we know a lot of teams need to build their internal expertise around marketing analytics so they can be successful. Anvil offers both half-day and full-day training options through our Data Over Instinct training arm. Training is offered both in-person at our St. Louis location as well as virtually. Learn more about half-day workshops our or full-day annual Conference. Read some of our case studies to see our results.

We were named the #1 Fastest-Growing Company in St. Louis for a reason

If you’re interested in measuring and optimizing your marketing campaigns, but you lack the internal expertise (or time) to do so, we’re a great match. Our cross-functional team of strategists, acquisition specialists, data scientists, project managers, designers, and developers has the knowledge, collective experience, and unending curiosity to help you solve the messy problems that are inhibiting growth within your organization. These are important problems that can’t be solved by guessing or cutting corners. They can only be solved with the right mix of expertise and appetite for optimization.

Learn more about some of the specific solutions we offer clients:

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