Data Insights Boost Annual ROI by 40%
DH Pace has a mission to improve the safety, convenience and aesthetics of buildings in the communities they serve. They design, install and service all types of doors, loading dock equipment, and security systems for both new and existing buildings, both residential and commercial. The company began questioning the performance of their Google paid search program in one of the largest of their 44 markets – Atlanta. They feared that maintaining the status quo with their program meant that they were not taking full advantage of opportunities for customer growth.
In addition, the company was manually pulling together marketing data and results from various sources, taking too much time and slowing down the marketing team’s ability to react in real time.
Initially, we took over the management of the paid search campaign. But we also had ideas for improving conversion rates as we identified what keywords and other actions were driving behavior on the site. As we drilled deeper into the data, we were able to identify many useful insights. For example, interest in patio doors was driving a lot of site activity, and those prospects were more likely to turn into a purchase. With deeper insight into revenue attribution, adjustments could be made to better enable sales activity.
Manual data collection processes have been replaced with an easy-to-use dashboard that provides a window into the various data being collected. What used to take weeks to pull together is now automated and real-time, allowing the marketing team to make faster, more informed decisions.
Our work has expanded into Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to maximize visibility in DH Pace's local communities throughout the country. Success with SEO, pay-per-click, and conversion rate optimization has resulted in additional work in other DH Pace markets, including Colorado Springs, Kansas City, and more.
In just one short year of working together, we were able to help DH Pace increase Atlanta residential and commercial revenues by 26% and 31%, respectively - despite lowering ad spend by 8.5% - on average. On top of that, we saw ROI increase an average of 40% across all campaigns. Results going forward are even more promising as we work with the client to gain more access into actionable data that can scale and grow campaigns and results.
8.5% Lower Ad Spend
26% & 31% Increase
40% ROI Increase
Residential & Commercial Revenue
8.5% Lower Ad Spend
26% & 31% Increase
Residential &
Commercial Revenue
40% ROI Increase
Not only has Anvil helped us increase revenue and ROI, but they have also helped increase organic traffic and engagement. Their partnership as technology and digital marketing experts helps me know what direction I should take with projects, where to focus my energy, and how technology can help our organization grow."
Trice Alford
DH Pace Chief Marketing Officer


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