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How Data Studio Can Drill Down in a Table

By Brett
September 10, 2020

Table drill-downs in Data Studio allow you to explore hierarchies in data in a single table. In this video, we will show you how to use the drill-down function in a table, plus how to create a drill-down in the Data Studio editor.

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Drill downs in Data Studio allow you to explore hierarchies in data, specifically of dimensions. So over here we had medium, and then underneath that you could actually see source status. Or here we have referral, and then you have the individual sources. You can also use it to explore date hierarchies like month, year, day, or in this case we have month. And then we could also explore down and explore all of the data and explore individual days of the week.

To create these, you would just go into your actual table after you create it. You add your primary dimension, and then you add your sub dimensions that you want to break into, that hierarchy down in more detail. You’d turn this drill down on, and then you’d choose your default drill down which will show at once. You can only have one dimension showing at any one time, and as many metrics as you like.

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