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How to Use the Data Studio Segment Filter to Improve Reports

By Brett
September 09, 2020

Google Analytics segments can be used in Data Studio to create powerful reports. In this video, we will review how to add Google Analytics segments to your Data Studio reports and even create custom segments.

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Integration between Data Studio and Google Analytics is really solid, in fact, if you’ve had to deal with any of the modeling you understand that modeling other datasets is really tough but modeling Google Analytics just comes right out of the box when you use Data Studio. You understand that there’s a lot of cool things you can do between the two tools. One of the things that people often forget about is that you can go in there and actually go in and edit the actual segments that you use. So by default, if you’re using Google Analytics data, here we have our event categories, by default it’s just using the all users view, or segment, but you can go in and actually click on segment and you can use any of the system defined segments, you can do all users, new users, returning users, paid traffic, any of those, you can also create custom rules here, and you can use the custom segments that you built in Google Analytics and they’ll just show up here, in this list, and you can do a search as well. Basically, you can do more complex things. One good example here is we wanted to look at users who looked at both the blog and the homepage, because these users are using some of the main ways to get in and we wanted to understand how these users are different from the rest of the site, so we could use that segment on this particular report, pull them into this actual pivot table here, and then be able to see that data, and two. So it’s fairly relatively easy to implement, you just have to create the segment in Google Analytics and make sure you have the same user sharing that segment as well, and if you create a new one just make sure to refresh your page and it’ll pretty quickly pick up those new segments as you make them. So don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.

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