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The #1 Thing You Need To Do…

By Jessica
August 25, 2020

Many companies know that investing in marketing analytics can drive massive growth, but many wonder where to start. In our experience, we know that one thing must happen for you to find success in your analytics projects—planning. You have to plan out your implementation. In this quick tutorial, we will go over some topics that you need to plan for, before you implement anything.

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Hello! I’m coming to you today from Anvil Analytics and Insights, and today I want to discuss a topic that we have a lot of clients come to us and ask, so they have all of their leadership on board, they’ve decided they want to implement a marketing analytics program or a web analytics program, they’re excited, they’re ready to hit the ground running when they come to us, that’s great, we’re glad that you guys are excited and that there’s momentum in your organization, but the first thing to do once this happens isn’t to immediately jump into a tool, whether that be Google Analytics or Tag Manager or Adobe Analytics or even start buying business intelligence platforms like Looker or Tableau or Power BI. The first thing that you need to do once you decide that you want to be data-driven and that you’re gonna push your organization in that direction is to create a measurement strategy. So this is our data maturity scale that we use quite frequently and like I said and you can see right here the technical implementation isn’t until step two. Before you do any of this you need to have a measurement strategy. On your site you can pretty much measure and track anything that you want to, the question becomes why are you tracking these things? Because unfortunately at some point the tracking will break and you’ll start racking up this technical debt that you won’t be able to feasibly manage in-house or even for an agency partner it becomes out of control, so we want to manage exactly what we’re going to measure and we’re going to measure what we can manage, so picking out what our core goals are, what are the events that we want to track from the site is going to be extremely important and that’s going to allow us to scale our analytics program in the future. We don’t want to just dive in, if you start diving in and you start off with 18 goals in Google Analytics for a relatively simple site all of a sudden in six months, a year, two years you’re gonna be at your 20 goal limit in Google Analytics and you’re not gonna have any more goals to expand forward, so we want to make sure that we’re planning far enough in advance to where we don’t hit those roadblocks in the future, so like I said our number one tip for all organizations getting ready to implement their analytics program for the very first time: start with your measurement strategy. Don’t start looking at the, you don’t have to start looking at the tools and that’s a fun step and you know getting everything implemented is exciting but taking that step back to really plan out what you’re gonna track, how you’re gonna use it and how you want that data to be pulled through is going to save you so much time later on down the road, you’re gonna save on data cleanup and scrubbing. If you don’t come up with naming conventions in the beginning, you’re gonna be cleaning that data more than you’re analyzing it later, so making sure that you have a plan for exactly how you’re gonna implement everything and what you’re gonna implement is extremely critical before you start off on your analytics journey. So once you’ve done that you start getting implemented, if you need help with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, with a whole series of videos like this, come subscribe to our newsletter on our site and we’ll keep you informed about all those topics coming out, also give us a like down at the bottom.

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Jessica joined the Anvil team after earning her degree in Marketing. She really enjoys getting to work on something different every day in her role, whether that’s helping with a Facebook project or solving an issue in Google Analytics. Her problem-solving prowess extends beyond work, too—she loves games and is her family’s pinochle champ.
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